Soil and Water Conservation Bureau

Explore the 52 Routes of Taiwan’s Hidden Countryside


The Soil and Water Conservation Bureau (SWCB) on January 30th unveiled a one-of-a-kind travel project featuring 52 rural travel routes that connect up to 146 communities and 22 agricultural attractions across Taiwan. The project was announced at a press conference held in Nantou County’s Yixin Community. The announcement was made ahead of the Chinese New Year so that visitors could take advantage of the holidays to visit the multiple rural routes, many of which include exclusive tourist attractions known only to local residents.

SWCB Deputy Director General Chang-li Lin pointed out that Yixin Community was representative of the collective efforts put in by the Bureau and the local communities to revitalize Taiwan’s rural areas. At Yixin, visitors not only felt the fun and friendly environment exhibited by the community’s people, they also had the opportunity to experience the joys of rural life with such activities as planting water bamboo shoots and observing the repopulation of the Moltrecht's minnow, a fish species endemic to Taiwan. After a day of fun and games, visitors could also sample the fresh local delicacies amidst the picturesque fields under the shades of sunset.

To further promote travel in the rural areas, SWCB published the routes in the Explore Rural Taiwan tourist guidebook. It also provided QR codes for the project’s dedicated website and mobile application, making it more convenient for the public to learn about Taiwan’s rural attractions, and also plan weekend or New Year holiday trips.
For more information, please visit the project website at:

Deputy Director General Lin noted that SWCB has long been devoted to soil and water conservation along Taiwan’s hillsides so as to build a more sustainable environment. Using comprehensive hillside management systems, SWCB has been able to establish for Taiwan’s rural villages steady and secure foundations, which have become the backing for their development. In the future, the Bureau will continue in its efforts towards soil and water conservation so that the lives, property and safety of the country can be better protected. It will also assist the rural areas in bearing more fruit and yielding more flowers through a series of plans for environmental improvement, rural development, ecological conservation, cultural preservation, skills continuation and youth participation. It is hoped that these efforts will help transform the rural villages into areas where dreams can be realized.

Soil and Water Conservation Bureau